Our dedicated Chinese partners with their highly qualified 3D technicians for particular shapes and their production capacity for large orders ensure affordable excellence.

From Asia to Zaanlandia

Since 1999, Zaanlandia Blik has been conducting business with several companies in China. At all times, the basic principle constitutes a partnership that enables a win-win situation. Prior to conducting business with a company, we perform thorough research. In all instances, the partners are manufacturers that have a long history and a good reputation. The production capacity and quality, its history and the staff’s social conditions are thoroughly vetted.



Our own employees

Zaanlandia Blik has its own staff on-site who monitor and inspect all orders. In this way, quality inspection lies in our own hands and we are certain that your order goes en route in perfect condition. We regularly pay local visits in order to keep our partners updated.


Added value

High tech, computer-controlled machines for the production of all kinds and any sizes of tools and molds are of great value. Large quantities are guaranteed by means of two production workshops which accommodate ten to fifteen production lines. They have an in-house film and colour separation system and work with 3D technicians. The similarities between the companies, the common background, the long term vision and the considerable knowledge in the area of tinplate processing entail many advantages. Not least because we share our experiences in different sales markets, but also the visions on our companies. That is why our Chinese partners are a valuable addition.