Special techniques for cans

We design and produce cans. In addition, we use the latest techniques to make the desired shape, printing or processing possible.

Special shapes tin

Form follows function. This applies to both the architecture and the packaging industry.

We can produce cans in every conceivable shape. Whether it is conical, square, round, oval, triangular, star-shaped or hybrid. We offer very standard shapes in very small volumes via our webshop. For larger volumes or if you have special requirements ask for our tailormade offer,

Printing of a can

The appeal of a can is strongly determined by the printing.

You can choose which printing technique you want to add to your tinbox. Digital, offset and screen printing are fairly well-known, but do you also know how food varnish, spot varnish, a chalk surface or a flock print can lift up your tin packaging to a higher level?

Techniek - Blik met zichtvenster

Editing cans

Add a handy or special function to your view by having it edited.

By editing you can add a function to your can. For example, by applying a hinge, handle, pouring cap, handle or lock. With embossing, a pvc window, a seal or a banderole, you can make your tinbox stand out even more.