Smit & Dorlas

Dispenser tinbox for coffee supplies

Smit & Dorlas was looking for a practical storage tin for coffee supplies that could be placed on tables and bars. We developed a tailormade dispenser tin box in which sugar, milk and confectionery (such as cookies or nougat) could be presented.

Requirements of Smit & Dorlas

Smit & Dorlas felt the need to attract even more prominent attention from their end customer: the coffee-drinking consumer. She wanted to develop a usable product that was in line with their coffee assortment and could provide a lot of exposure. The deployment of their own customers (hospitality and companies) seemed like a perfect marketing channel.

The idea of a dispenser tin box of course did not come out of the blue. If you are talking about coffee, you can’t forget of course milk, sugar, sweets and cookies. But at the restaurant table and bar, it is sometimes not good organised. There was our challenge and chance at the same time.

Design of the tin can

We designed a universally usable dispenser that was immediately ready for use (ready to use packaging). By choosing a flap at the front that could remain open, the coffee supplies or confectionery could be unpacked in this way. The tin was given the distinctive yellow corporate color and was finished with a trendy matte varnish in a modern way.

Production of dispenser

The dispenser for Smit & Dorlas is printed in Pantone colours. A watermark of the logo has been embossed in a frivolous place. The lid of the dispenser hinges so that it is never lost. The finish is done with a matte varnish, to give it an extra trendy look.

The can is a real eye-catcher for every hospitality business or for the office pantry. An indestructible advertising medium for this coffee roaster.

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