Blik in de sector food (Tony's)

Tony’s Chocolonely

Stacking tinbox for chocolate bars

Tony’s Chocolonely was looking for a packaging manufacturer that could produce a real eye-catcher for its delicious chocolate. We developed an airtight storage tinbox with three interchangeable parts.

Tommy Hilfiger

Luxury tin packaging for clothing

Tommy Hilfiger was in the market for a luxury gift box for socks. We produced an international gift packaging that could be used as a secondary storage tin for accessories.

Dispenserblik voor Smit & Dorlas

Smit & Dorlas

Dispenser tinbox for coffee supplies

Smit & Dorlas was looking for a practical storage tin for coffee supplies that could be placed on tables and bars. We developed a tailormade dispenser tinbox in which sugar, milk and confectionery (such as cookies or nougat) could be presented.

Verzendbaar blik met seal voor Verkade

Verkade (Pladis)

Sendable tinbox with cardboard seal

Verkade approached us for making a luxury gift box for individually packaged mini chocolate bars. The tin package had to be able to be sent by post (fit through the letterbox) and be airtight.

Luchtdicht blik met EOE voor Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden

Light and airtight tinbox with closure

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops seeds and sells them worldwide. The company wanted a stackable can that is 100% light / airtight and, moreover, easy to open.