About our family business

We can say that much has changed in the last century. Here you can read how we have developed from a one-man workshop to an international tinbox specialist.

Our history

The origin of our company

In 1907, Franciscus Wilhelmus Kriek exchanged his work as a foreman in a tin factory for that of an independent tinker. Equipped with a handcart with soldering device, he went to the houses to repair pots and pans. In the evenings he made cigar boxes together with his wife. Not much later he also produced cans for paint and cookies from the barn next to his house. Our office is still located on the site of that barn!

Familiebedrijf: 4 generaties Kriek

Four generations of the family Kriek

We have a long term vision

"For me it's the most normal thing in the world, but I know it's quite special to run a business that has been in the hands of one family for so long and still exists as an independant company. I took over from my father in 1999 and became the fourth generation Kriek. ' How did Daan and his forefahters ensure that Zaanlandia Metal Packaging survived all this time and still exists today?

Unique to our company

This makes Zaanlandia Tin packaging special

  • Family business since 1907
  • Purveyor to decision
  • Production in the Netherlands & China
  • BRC Packaging certified
  • Modern techniques and machines
  • Creation of 3D visuals and dummies
  • Warehousing / Co-Packaging
  • Specialist in customization
Team Zaanlandia Blikverpakkingen

Meet our team

Employees with a passion for gaze

Our team consists of more than 20 experienced professionals with a passion for their work. The majority of our employees work in our factory in Wormerveer. The sales and administrative processing takes place from our office in Krommenie. We also have a wide network of international trading partners in Europe and Asia.
Palletiseerrobot in fabriek Zaanlandia Blikverpakkingen

Factory and office

From craftmanship to robotization

The production of cans is now a highly automated process. Today we are assisted by fully automatic production lines and robots. Although the work changes, you will still find workmanship in our factory.

From Asia to Zaanlandia

Partnerships with a win-win situation

Since 1999, Zaanlandia Blik has been doing business with various companies in China. The starting point is always a partnership that makes a win-win situation possible.

Detail van de werkwijze van Zaanlandia Blikverpakkingen

Our method

From request to delivery

Which steps need to be taken to turn your idea into an irresistable tinbox? Schematically you can see what our production looks like from the moment of request to delivery at your doorstep.

Daan Kriek, CEO van Zaanlandia Blikverpakkingen

A view on the future

How we keep changing

Globalization and the rise of low-wage countries have permanently changed the position of Dutch production companies. Though we still want to continue to invent and produce in the Netherlands. So we are moving from a local can manufacturer to a can specialist, with a network of international partners.

These customers have already preceded you

We work for large and smaller companies. Their agreement is the desire to create a look that is unique in form, function or appearance. Some tin packaging deserves some extra attention ♥

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