December 2018

We will of course handle all your information confidentially. To better inform you about this, we have prepared this privacy statement. If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact us.

About us

How nice that you visit our website! If you have any questions about this privacy statement or want to submit a request with regard to your rights, you can reach us using the information below.

Personal data

We process this personal data:

  1. First and last name;
  2. Email address;
  3. Phone number;
  4. Address;
  5. Date of birth;
  6. Curriculum vitae of an applicant.

We process this special personal data:

  1. Portraits of employees (from which special data can be derived);
  2. Copy of identity document with BSN of employees;
  3. Health data of employees.

How do we get your personal data?

We have obtained the above personal data from yourself or in public registers, such as the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce or other open sources.


For these reasons we process the personal data

We only process your personal data when we are permitted by law and for the purposes described below

Contact form or email

You can contact us via our contact form or by sending an e-mail. We then have a legitimate interest to process the data that we have obtained from you in this way. We process the content of the e-mail or message via the contact form, your name and e-mail address in order to respond to your message. We keep this communication for a maximum of two years.


We are happy to send you a newsletter because you are a customer with us or because you have registered yourself for it. We therefore process your name and email address to send you information and news. We offer the option to unsubscribe under any newsletter. We will keep your data for this purpose until you have unsubscribed.

Order in the webshop

If you buy something in our webshop, we store your data to make the payment possible and to be able to send the products to you. Due to our obligation to keep records we keep this information for 7 financial years. In addition, we also store the details of the order in order to be able to answer questions about the order or the conformity of products and to be able to check whether you have been the purchasing party. When paying, we will also see from which account this comes and who the account holder is.

Requests and quotes

You can contact us without obligation to see if we can work for you or the company you work for. To be able to prepare a quote, we need all the contact details that we hope to be able to put on an invoice later. Even if you ultimately do not purchase our services, we will keep the data for at least 10 years after the last contact, so that we can justify our work to the Tax Authorities. We also like to save the data for our own quotation management and to be able to analyze which quotes we have offered.


When you deliver a service or product to us, we will process your personal data to provide the assignment. This data is necessary to communicate with you about the assignment and to coordinate with each other. The data is stored for at least a period of 10 years in order to comply with our legal obligation and so that we can still contact you about the product or service in question afterwards.

Execution of an assignment

The moment we carry out an assignment for you or the company you work for, we will process your data. We process this data to send information, make agreements, for the final execution of the assignment and the delivery of final end products.

If we go to work for you or the company you work for, we will of course also process the data that are necessary for the financial settlement of the assignment. These are in any case a name and e-mail address and other information that is necessary to send a correct invoice. When paying, we will also see from which account this comes and who the account holder is. We store invoices and payment details for at least 10 years at our statutory tax custody plan