With the help of SEO specialist Rogier (Webmonnik) we have prepared a request for proposal (RFP) for the renewal of the Zaanlandia website. It described the most important criteria for the new site. Especially good findability in Google was high on our wish list. We then wrote to a number of web developers from our network and had them pitched. After careful consideration and discussions, DPI from Scheveningen emerged.

Having a new website built is quite a drastic process. It takes a lot of time and you are constantly forced to consider what is and is not currently needed. Especially since you are not an experience expert yourself, it offers the necessary challenges and entails a steep learning curve.

We know the market well, of course, so we were able to put ourselves in the position of the target group that should ultimately read and rate the site. For example, we wanted the site to be contemporary, distinctive, authentic, legible on all devices, informative and inspiring. Moreover, the fact that we are the only real eye specialist had to be communicated adequately.

Our team has been strongly involved in the design, construction and elaboration. To put the dots on the i, we have enabled Jop (Qaraqter). He has edited the content and provided appropriate visual support where necessary.

Win a nice tin filled with goodies

We are very happy with the end result and very curious about how you experience our new website. We are open to your feedback, because in the coming period we will gladly get to work with the points that in your view qualify for further improvement. The person who sends us the most honest or useful feedback will win a can filled with treats that we have selected. Your response is welcome via info@zaanlandia.com or via our contact form. Many thanks in advance for your input!