Our working method in the picture

Which steps need to be taken to turn your idea into an irresistible tin can? Schematically you can see what our production looks like from the moment of request to delivery at your doorstep.
zaanlandia tin

1. Request

  1. Inventory of requirements / wishes;
  2. Make an offer;
  3. Confirm order.

2. Working drawing and artwork

  1. Exchange of cutting drawing and artwork from customer;
  2. Checking artwork with possible correction.
zaanlandia tin
zaanlandia tin

3. New tooling

  1. Creation of a new format or new form
    (completion of approximately 3-4 weeks);
  2. Creation of a new stamp / präge
    (completion of approximately 1-2 weeks).

4. Approval test / model

  1. Approval of PDF;
  2. Approval of paper proof (the Netherlands);
  3. Approval of models of tinplate (Asia)
    (completion of approximately 1-2 weeks).
zaanlandia tin
zaanlandia tin

5. Preparation and handling

  1. Lacquering tin;
  2. Printing of cans;
  3. Cut tin;
  4. Assembling a can;
  5. Packaging of cans;
  6. Loading cans;
    (walk through the Netherlands: approx. 3-4 weeks)
    (walk through Asia: approx. 4-6 weeks).

6. Transport

  1. Road transport from the Netherlands
    (run through 1-3 days);
  2. Sea freight from Asia
    (run through approx. 4 weeks + 1-3 days road transport in the Netherlands).
zaanlandia tin
zaanlandia tin

Download our method

We have made a flow chart of the most important six steps in our production process. You can download this diagram below in PDF format.