After drawing the patterns, Corus, at the time Hoogovens, supplied a 10-meter can of 0.5 millimeter thickness at our request. Normally we work with 0.23 millimeters, but this can had to be stronger because of the size.

First we rolled and soldered the hull. The bottom consisted of two parts, because the diameter of the can had to be 1.60 meters. We made the height 1 meter and the circumference 5 meters. This brought the contents of this can to 1,800 liters. Our final task was to produce a suitable lid for the exceptionally large hull. It was a difficult and tough job that took a week in terms of production. The can eventually weighed 50 kilos.

There was a lot of international attention for this candy drum. For example, he was used as a promotion at ISM in Germany, the largest confectionery fair in existence. We still lend the can on request. And to top it all: in 1995 we received a mention in the book by Guinness World Records for the greatest view in the world!

Grootste blik ter wereld