Metal recycles forever

We are very aware of the ecological footprint that we are leaving. Can is 100% recyclable, without quality loss. To better highlight that, we are affiliated with Metal Packaging Europe.

Tin cans are 100% recyclable

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Tin cans are 100% recyclable

Can is 100% recyclable, without quality loss. Certainly in recent decades, as a can packaging manufacturer, we have been aware of the ecological footprint that our products have. Partly for that reason we are a member of Metaal Verpakkingen Nederland, part of Metal Packaging Europe. Making tins packaging lighter and lighter by designing smarter reduces the environmental impact. The advantages of reusing tin cans are so great that in the Netherlands 95% of all tin packaging is now finding its way into new products. So we only have to add 12% new raw materials. Your can packaging can therefore also become part of, for example, a new car or a train. Or a new tin package of course.

Reuse prevents waste

Tin cans are often kept because they are beautiful, but also because they are functional. Whether food or screws are stored in it again; they often get a second life after first use. Once thrown away, the can is mainly recovered from the regular household waste stream. Therefore, no expensive collection system is required.

Effectiveness encourages

The recovery of cans directly from household waste means that the extent to which cans are collected is close to 100%. Hence our slogan: “Can, with normal waste”. Reusing tin can packaging also saves a lot of energy. Recycled steel (scrap) constitutes 55% of the steel produced worldwide. The use of scrap metal saves 75% of the energy costs associated with the production of pig iron. Packaging made from tin is therefore not only ideal for many purposes, it is also an extremely durable product.