Foundation Recycle Tin-can

The Foundation Recycle Tin-can (Stichting Kringloop Blik SKB) brings together the organizations that make metal packaging in the Netherlands. The foundation cooperates with the Packaging Waste Fund to close the cycle for the reuse of metal packaging.
zaanlandia tin

Purpose of the SKB

Zaanlandia Tin Packaging is affiliated with the SKB and MVN. Together with a network of companies, we are committed to improving the image of metal as a sustainable packaging material. We also try to promote the sustainable use of raw materials and energy. We have set ourselves the goal of amply meeting the requirements for the legal recycling percentage as laid down in the Packaging Decree and the Packaging Framework Agreement between the government and the business community.

Recycling of cans

We now consider separating paper, glass and plastic for reuse normal. But did you know that metal packaging is by far the most recycled? With a recycling percentage of 95%, the Netherlands is one of the front runners in the reuse of cans. Tin packaging retains its quality and properties after endless recycling. This allows today’s can to be the aircraft of tomorrow.
zaanlandia tin
zaanlandia tin

Look at the numbers

  • The Netherlands is one of the leaders in the field of tinplate recycling within the EU;
  • The Netherlands amply exceeds the targets set by the EU (50%) and national government (85%) for recycling;
  • Dutch households use around 125,000 tonnes of metal packaging. An estimated 120,000 tonnes of this is reused;
  • In recent decades, the amount of energy required for the production of cans has fallen by more than 70%. This is mainly due to thinner packaging material, more energy-efficient production and an increase in recycling.