Coffee and Tea

Need a can for coffee, tea, sugar, sweets, milk or cookies? We make round, square or dispenser cans with every type of closure.
For tea and coffee supplies we make 100% airtight cans in all conceivable shapes and heights. Conical, nestable or stackable is also possible.

Cylindrical can

Cylindrical tin with a sleek shape for large consumption.

Round can

You don’t have to print the entire tin for a nice effect.

coffee can

Sleek model storage tin due to the type of lid. The design does the rest.

Matt white tin

Distinctive matte white tin, embossed in position, fitted with a screw lid.

Looking for a personalized tin can?

Are you interested in a tin that fits you in terms of shape, printing or processing? We would like to get in touch to inform you and hopefully inspire you.