Tinplate packaging / three product groups

Tinplate packaging / three product groups

Each product has specific requirements for its packaging. We have both the expertise and the capacity to create tailor-made packagings for you, the industry, foodstuffs and for promotion.

Tin Packagings: Industry

Industry More than 100 years of experience. We specialise in non-standard sizes and closures. Our industrial tin packaging is guaranteed to meet the highest safety and quality standards. Read more

Tin Packagings: Foodstuffs

Foodstuffs Zaanlandia is BRC certified. This means that we can produce packaging for food products. This combines all the advantages of tin packaging: strong, air tight, hygienic and with a very high promotional value. Read more

Tin Packagings: Promotion

Promotion Tin is a very popular packaging method for sales promotions. It is ideal for packaging peppermints, perfume, a mobile telephone or trendy jeans. An attractive tin is often kept, making it a long-lasting advertising medium. Read more