91% is being recycled

Tinplate is recycled like no other material is. Meanwhile, the counter is at 91%. So even after use, your packaging will end up well at all times. A pleasant and necessary characteristic of the material in these times, and one we take pride in.

Tinplate’s versatility

Tinplate is 100% recyclable without compromising quality. Especially the last few decades, as tinplate packaging manufacturers, we are aware of the ecological footprint of our products. By producing increasingly lighter tinplate packagings and designing more cleverly, the environmental impact is reduced.

Tinplate is 100% recyclable time and again

And mind you: without ever compromising quality! The advantages of recycling are so numerous that today, in the Netherlands, 91% of tinplate packagings find their way to new products. This means we only need to add 12% new raw materials. So your tin packaging could, for instance, become part of a new vehicle or a train. Or it might become a new tin packaging, of course.


Recycling prevents waste

Tinplate packagings are often retained. Not only because they are pretty, but they are functional as well. Whether it is food or screws being stored again, they often obtain a second life after their initial use. Once discarded, most tins are recovered from the regular household waste flow. So there is no need for an expensive collection system.

Effectiveness stimulates

Recovering tinplate directly from municipal waste makes that tinplate packaging collection approaches 100%. Hence our slogan: ‘Tinplate, of with regular waste’. Recycling tinplate packaging also drastically cuts back on energy. Recycled steel (scrap metal) constitutes 55% of all steel produced worldwide. The use of scrap metal reduces 75% of the energy costs associated with the production of crude iron. Packaging manufactured from tinplate is not only ideal for many purposes, it is an extremely sustainable product as well.

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