Socially engaged tinplate manufacturer

Zaanlandia Blik has been connected to the Zaanstreek (the region around the city of Zaanstad) since 1907. Since we are committed to the region as well, we regularly support charities.

Tinplate inspires the young

Late 2006, Zaanlandia Blik invited a number of schools in the Zaanstreek to contribute ideas for their 100-year anniversary. From the perspective that the young hold the future, we thought it to be a good idea to introduce them to tinplate products. The pupils of the Pascal College in Zaandam were immediately enthousiastic and started working with the tinplate made available by us in several work groups. The various groups were given different assignments:

+ work with new and old techniques;

+ create a tin around the topic ‘time’;

+ create a noise machine inspired by the work of artist Jean Tinguely;

+ create the ideal house made of tin combined with wood.

During the anniversary celebration, the final results were exhibited and a selection of the works and their young creators are shown below


[Z]Take a hike & a sister’s hope

[Z]Take a hike is an annually recurring walk through the Zaanstreek. The purpose is to raise funds to support ‘A Sister’s Hope’, an international organisation that co-finances breast cancer research. Under the slogan “Fun for you, good for another”, this year 1,200 enthousiastic participants collectively raised € 27,500. Employees of Zaanlandia Blik, including director Daan Kriek, walked along.


Daan was confronted with breast cancer in his immediate vicinity. This made him aware of the need to contribute to the fight against this terrible disease. [Z]Take a hike crossed his path, and he decided to become one of the regular sponsors with Zaanlandia Blik.

Persuade others to JOIN IN

In addition to a financial contribution to [Z]Take a hike, Zaanlandia produced two tins and has made those available. A savings tin that was filled with an information package, aiming to persuade other companies to join in too. All participants who completed the walk received a big round drum filled with all kinds of presents. Read more & sign up for the next edition!


Football club Zaanlandia exists 100 years

Apart from Zaanlandia Blik, more companies and associations exist for over a century. ZVV Zaanlandia reached this milestone in 2013, which was co-celebrated and sponsored by Zaanlandia with a custom designed anniversary tin.