A clever shape, a nice combination of materials, an effective production method or, for instance, customisation for small quantities. We always come up with the best solution for you. Always flexible and searching for innovative solutions all the time.

Innovation is our greatest motivation

That is why the work processes within Zaanlandia Blik are always flexible and continuously under debate. Serving the best product at the best price at all times. Because Zaanlandia delivers a one-stop service, these work processes are being optimally monitored.

New factory

The new factory located in Wormerveer (The Netherlands), at a stone’s throw from the old one, fully meets the latest requirements. The production shop is bright, spacious, safe and clean.

Zaanlandia-Wormerveer banner

BRC certification

Tinplate packaging is ideal for foodstuffs, which is why it is of great importance that hygiene and safety during production meet the highest requirements. The internationally recognised BRC certification safeguards these requirements.


Award winning tin

Somewhat longer ago but still special is the transportation tin for medically applied radioactive material. The tin was awarded the ‘Zilveren Noot’ (Silver Note), the award for most innovative packaging.

Innovatie-Zilveren-Noot-2The largest candy tin in the world is, of course, produced by Zaanlandia Blik. It has an official entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The tin has a diameter of 1,60 metres, is one metre in height, has a periphery of five metres and the content of the tin is 1,800 litres. In total, the tin weighs 50 kilograms.


Conical tin with clamping ring

Zaanlandia Blik was the first manufacturer to produce conical tins. This allows the tins to be stacked effortlessly. The clamping ring and the rubber compound in the lid make for an air-tight tin.


Coffee tin with dispenser

A recent innovation is the coffee tin with a dispenser for so-called ‘single packs’. The dispenser is fully integrated in the design and made of tinplate.