Zaanlandia Blik 100+

Zaanlandia Blik is small enough to be flexible and decisive, yet large enough to offer the best product at the best price. During our existence of more than a century, we have gained the trust of renowned enterprises.

Ironclad in tinplate packaging for over a century

In 1907, Franciscus Wilhelmus Kriek began his own tinplate company in Krommenie in the Netherlands. Well over 100 years later, this company has become the undisputed expert in tinplate packaging: Zaanlandia Blik. From striking tins for promotional campaigns to industrial tinplate packagings that comply with the most stringent standards – that is what we have in store for you.

Zaanlandia Blik still remains a genuine family company with great grandson Daan Kriek running the business. Ever since our first cigar tin, dating from 1907, we have acquired a wealth of experience in the production of tinplate packagings.


Tinplate Packaging Specialist

ZaanlandiaBlik has become a specialist in tinplate packaging production and trade. Thanks to our on-site production and collaboration with a broad network of partners, we are able to offer a wide range of tinplate packagings in virtually any shape imaginable.

Zaanlandia Blik works for large and smaller clients in a variety of sectors and industries. From foodstuffs to the chemical industry. Tinplate is also used for in-store promotional activities. Tinplate packagings are distinctive, and they are an eye-catching and sustainable advertising instrument. In addition, tinplate is 100% recyclable and it can be used over and over without wasting materials and energy or compromising quality. So particularly kind to the environment.

Industrial tinplate packagings in large and smaller quantities, an exclusive packaging for a bottle of champagne, a promotional campaign or for a special pair of jeans … you name it. We ensure that the packaging of your product is entirely satisfactory. A potentially award winning packaging, because in the past, our packagings have been repeatedly awarded, including with the Zilveren and Gouden Noot (Silver and Golden Note). Innovative packaging awards, annually awarded by the Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum (Dutch Packaging Centre).


Tinplate is as popular as ever

Tinplate turns your packaging into a geniune eye-catcher. Printed in offset, full colour or Pantone colours, screen printed, with an embossment (embossing) or with a window. And that combined with all sorts of shapes obtainable. Moreover, because of its sustainability, tinplate is extremely suitable for storing all sorts of substances/materials and products. In these times, there is a significant advantage to be added to the list. With a 91% recycling rate, tinplate is the most recycled material in the Netherlands.


From Asia to Zaanlandia

In Wormerveer we produce small and larger series. Tinplate packagings which require very specific knowledge or that should be delivered swiftly. But when it comes to special shapes or large series, we rely on our dedicated partners elsewhere in Europe or in China. They guarantee premium tinplate packaging in every shape imaginable. And all that at very attractive conditions.


Production and trade company

Apart from being a production company, we are also a trade company. On the one hand, we dispose of an extensive range of machinery for local production of both standard and non-standard tinplate packagings. On the other hand, we can offer a huge range of packagings in special shapes thanks to our trade contacts. That becomes of interest should you require a larger quantity within a limited budget.


Small enough and large enough

Zaanlandia Blik is small enough to be flexible and decisive, yet large enough to offer the best product at the best price. During our existence of more than a century, we have gained the trust of renowned enterprises for whom we have developed the most diverse tin packagings we own.