Our creative tinplate packagings

You can leave the development of your tinplate packaging entirely up to us. Together with our designers, new and successful packagings and application options are created. Creativity is the key to success here.

Peace of mind for tin

Developing and manufacturing high quality tinplate packagings – from idea to finished product – that is our trade, that is what we are good at. With over a century of experience, we can say that with peace of mind. Large or small quantities, distinctive shapes, particular processing or flexible and swift digital printing of small series.

Click it!

The redesigned website was announced a few years ago through a canned mailing. The round window tin was fitted with a velours inlay and contained a tinplate ‘clicker frog’. This is one fine example of a full-service product. From idea to finished product, provided by Zaanlandia Blik.


Verkade tin with game

Biscuit manufacturer Verkade celebrated its 125th anniversary with two exceptional tinplate packagings. The attractive tin contains a playing field on the inside of the lid, on which an (included) card game can be played.



A special ‘Artist’ edition for Mascotte. A special, limited edition of a storage and user product for a pack of cigarettes. It has become a collector’s item in the meantime. This special edition is delivered ‘counter ready’ including a plastic tray for 12 pieces and a printed cardboard shelf display.


Bart Smit

A cheerful Bart Smit gift card tin that appeals to the target audience. The inside of the tin is fitted with an inlay of foam and a cutout that accomodates the card. For the inlay, any shape is feasible and we would be happy to arrange that for you.


Pet Power Campaign

A posh tinplate gift box to to make the “Refresh your brand” campaign by Pet Power even more appealing. A textbook example of ironclad collaboration with various parties.


Shiny tin

A luxurious and multifunctional tinplate packaging in a cylinder model. To serve as gift packaging for a bottle of wine or champagne. To be used as a wine cooler, and the perforated hood is especially suited for use as cosy light (incl. ‘terrace’ for a tea light in the hood).