Sustainable, innovative and creative

Tinplate packaging is sustainable. 91% of it is recycled without compromising quality. Moreover, Zaanlandia Blik treats it innovatively and creatively. Talk about added value!


Tinplate is recycled like no other material is. Meanwhile, the counter is at 91%. So even after use, your packaging will end up well at all times. A pleasant and necessary characteristic of the material in these times, and one we take pride in. Read more


A clever shape, a nice combination of materials, an effective production method or, for instance, customisation for small quantities. We always come up with the best solution for you. Always flexible and searching for innovative solutions all the time. Read more


You can leave the development of your tinplate packaging entirely up to us. Together with our designers, new and successful packagings and application options are created. Creativity is the key to success here. Read more